Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The quilts' finishing

Almost one month I have been working on two similar quilts.
Having an challenging order I really satisfied with the final result.

The design is quite simple.Log cabins in three sizes - 6, 12, 18 inches.
Both quilts are the same order only the places of same colored squares are different.

I enjoyed myself making different backs.

Here I make the binding - the most pleasant task when all is finished.

The most interesting fact here is the way I have chosen fabric for the binding.
I wandered between white/black striped or checked fabrics.
Suddenly I had seen an IKEA fabric I hadn't put into the box.

I realized that cutting stripes will change totally this look.
Now I have two favorites IKEA fabrics - the "written"   for the backs and this one for the binding.

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