Tuesday, May 24, 2016

QAYG tutorial

 As I promised yesterday I will explain more about process of making QAYG.
After having a request to design and make a wedding quilt I began to think about possibility to make a big quilt on my domestic sewing machine.
One and the only possibility is QAYG. There are several ways.
I have tried method with stripes well described by Mariane from the Quilting Edge.
Now decided to divide the quilt in four, quilt all of the pieces, collect them, put a whole back, stitch three layers and make a binding.
All the steps are easy to follow, I have made several quilts, mug rugs, place mats etc.

 After quilting each quarter I stitched them together.

 Trim the exceed batting  close to the stitch at both sides.

Open seam allowances and fasten them to the batting.
Because all three layers will be stitched only, not heavy quilted, I suppose these allowances have to be fixed such way.

As a final step I have to add backing and collect all layers.
Lay on the floor and fix with safety pins.
At the beginning I thought to stitch all diagonals in one direction and then in other direction.

Meanwhile I realized that the big distance between lines (about 10 inches) might be a problem.
And I found a new way. It is brilliant and worked for me.
Although I have to stop to turn the quilt this way is better. The turn is very tiny so I made it perfect.

Making the binding is like a kids' play after all work.

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