Friday, March 18, 2016

The quiet book - page number one

As I mentioned in my previous post I was asked to make a quiet textile book for a grandchild of a friend of mine.
I promised to sew one, but couldn't realized what a journey began.
First three or four hours I started to draw different ideas on a piece of paper.
On the next day I visited some crafty shops to buy beads, wooden flowers, butterflies, ladybirds, ribbons, colorful felts etc.
First of all is the sun. In my mind the sun is associated  with sea.

What are the steps to have this result?
Prepare a rectangle piece of fabric - about 8 x 9 inches. Applique yellow and blue pieces - if you have prints with fishes or sand it would be perfect.
I have striped blue fabric.
First - cut different strings and ribbons yellow color.
Pin them in a circle and stitch firmly.

Then cut a yellow felt circle for the sun.
If you have zig zag scissors use them.

Carefully stitch round the perimeter.

I have a small plastic fish and put it on a wire.
Stitch firmly both ends.

It is almost done.
Add tiny batting and quilt round the sun.
Wait for the next page.
Come here in a couple of days to see more interesting ideas.

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