Saturday, November 14, 2015

My patterns become alive

Last 3 week I have some health problems - at the beginning it was like a flu. Then it turned to stomach  disorder. As a result I loosed three kilos .
I know many of you envy me for the last fact, but trust me I am not happy about this.

In addition to these troubles after last update of my browser disappeared saved passwords on my computer  and I have to enter them for most of the places I visit. I have problems even to enter in my blog.

Tonight is lucky time for me.
After entering here I have seen that most of the visits are from Gosses bags and gifts
I have checked and what to see -  Myrth has made a beautiful quilt using my pattern Counting Sheep , wrote a post and mention my blog.
This is amazing!
She add some grass and a butterfly to the design and created a nice quilt.
I have permission to post here picture of a finished quilt. Thank you, Myrth. I am happy and satisfied.

This guy is my favorite.

Do you like the sheep?

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