Saturday, January 10, 2015

Summer breeze quilt

Sometimes our plans are far away from reality. Our desires and expectations looks like impossible dreams.
This quilt was began in September immediately I finished my short holiday trip to the seaside.
At the very first beginning I intend to make it using a paper pieced block. But looking through my stash I was "caught" by blue white striped fabric.
Cutting was so funny as a kids playing.
Start with two squares, cut diagonally, sew together, cut striped triangle and attach.Rotate, viola!
Finished block.

 If you wander how to optimize cutting when don't know the size and hate calculating simply follow this simple tip. Place the finished half block, align to the strips and cut.
No rotary cutting, just scissors.

I trimmed finished block to desired size later.
Thanks to my EQ7 I decided on 16 block top and mitered boarders.

The quilting should be light as the air at the sea side.
I made stitch in the ditch and diagonal quilting on white squares.
What about boarders?
I free motion a winding rope.

The last thing - binding. It took me 1 hour before I was advised by a friend for BIAS binding.

Look how nice it is.

The whole quilt


Last week I found time to write a pattern and now it is available on CRAFTSY and ETSY.

If you wandering what the back is. Here you are.

Want to paper piece the boat?
Simply draw this block on a paper and paper piece. It is mirror image =
I have put the numbers. You have to decide on the size only.


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