Sunday, October 5, 2014

Long vacation

I know it seems I have a long vacation.
I wish it was a truth.
The reality is different.
I have spent four days at seaside and two days in the mountain.
Other days were full of patchwork and quilting.
I have participate in an exhibition contest in my country.
The theme was "Gardens of flowers".
My work was specially designed for this event.
When the theme was announced I intend to make a Zen garden - Japanese rock garden.
Thinking about composition and reading some Haiku poems I have changed the idea.
Do you know this Japanese poetry?
I have found a very impressive Haiku verse and was inspired by it.

"The heavens
are lonely.
Blossoming irises."

It was written by Murio Suzuki in 1919.
The book is called Flowers in the wind, 100 modern Japanese Haiku poets.
It was obviously I must create a quilt.

Here it is.

It measures 43 x 35 cm.
Look at the detailed picture.

I like the iris folding and these triangle wonky "log cabin"s turned out great.
I am satisfied with the result.
Especially when opened the picture taken at the very first beginning.

Definitely this won't be the last quilt inspired by Haiku.