Friday, November 22, 2013

QAYG Christmas quilt - join two pieces of blocks

Some people have design wall, I have a design carpet.
So funny. The Christmas quilt is big enough and I put the blocks on the floor to think what has to be the next one.

I have to look at them from distance.Do you know what is the solution?
Climbing on a chair :) This way I looked at them from above.

For this Christmas quilt I decided to put puffy batting to add more volume.
So the traditional quilting will be a little more difficult for me because of my sewing machine.
I love the OAYG way that explained Mari from TheQuiltingEdge and want to use it.
The little difference is my puffy batting.
So I leave a little bit excess around blocks with idea to use it instead of adding additional joining strips of batting.

I have cut 2,5 inches strips  ( finished width 2 inches|) dark brown with snowflakes for the front and beige for the back.
Stitch the back one with running stitch by hand at quarter inch from the edge of the left piece of blocks.
Use the white thread to see better.

Then put the front strip on the top right side together.
Began stitching keep in mind to follow running stitch. I have used my walking foot - there are 4 layers of fabrics and one batting.

After finish sewing cut away exceed backing fabric.
Repeat the joining to the right piece of blocks the same way.
Keep in mind to align the beginning of the strip and the blocks.

back and front

Cut away the exceed backing fabric.
You will have the same look ( if wander these are the blocks at the end of the strips.)

Lay down the batting first one side the another. If somewhere there is a bulk tear some batting away.
Close the front strip - the dark brown one on the batting.

Iron carefully. From the high temperature the batting smelts a little and became a whole piece.
Fold the strip a quarter inch seam allowance and pin. Repeat along all the length.

Stitch along  the two edges. If want make some quilting for secure the batting.

 The final look

and the back
I have continued with others.
Wait soon for the final result.

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