Thursday, August 1, 2013

Quilting a square - tutorial

You remember my Circus quilt, don't you?
When I have shown it to the Patchwork group my friends advised me to add some quilting on the blank squares.
In fact I had been wandering about this , but have no final idea I preffer.
I tried to add stars, pinwheels etc., but without result.
So now, some months later,  I decide to quilt squares.  Two inch squares different thread's colors.

I haven't erasable pencil and had to think out how to stitch them equal.
This was the solution.

Cut a 2 inches square and iron on the desired position. Measure with a ruler.

 Pin around.

Stitch along the perimeter using walking foot or FMQ.

Remove the freezer paper.
So easy.

I had to change 9 times bobbins and upper thread.
I think the quilt looks better this time.

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