Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A mini quilt on a frame - tutorial

I know, I know so long without posting here.
Too much ideas, too much to do.
Finally I did and succeed to write a post .
At the beginning it was an idea to participate in the quilt contest in Main, Germany.
The theme was Light and Shadows. I like it and have some ideas, but I am not absolutely sure I could make a competitive quilt. I have made different quilts, but still I am a low spirit quilter.
Anyway I decide to make a mini art quilt and stretch on a frame.
The pieced work in front of the window.
Finished top
You will need:
>   a batting and back fabric.
     It is better to use fusible batting. 
>  four strips of felt - each strip shorter than one side
> a tacker for upholstery
>  And a frame with a loop of course.

Note that the backing and batting have to be smaller than the top itself to prevent bulk.
In traditional quilting backing and batting are bigger.
Lay the top right side down, then fused batting with backing.
Look at the picture how are trimmed the corners.
The exceed  fused batting has to lay on the sides of the frame.

Displace the frame and basting . I used thread, but you could spray if prefer.

Quilt as you desire.
Using zig-zag  zsitch atatch a felt strip at each side.

At this step you would have such result.

Now it is time to add the frame.
Lay the quilted top face down and place the frame on it.

Fold the upper side and tack.

Slightly stretch the quilt and repeat with opposite side.
Fold the corners as you wrap a parcel with paper and tack the next two opposite sides.

Screw the loop and stitch a label.

I found that it would be much more easier to stitch the label before framing :)
So don't make my mistake.

I suppose you are wandering about size.
I tried to hide it all the time ;)
Here it is -  6 inches square- what a mini quilt.

I am still wandering about necessity of quilting for such small pieces.
What do you think?


  1. I think it's absolutely fabulous!!

    1. Thank you, Mari. I have doubt with some of my works when they are in progress. Too many ideas and variants came into my mind. I want to try all of them, but it is impossible. If it is traditional quilt I could repeat and try them. In improvisation I have to rely on my intuition.

  2. Много е прекрасно, не мога да сваля очи от него. И Дидо много го хареса. Да ти кажа, че това ми е любимото, преди да е куилтнато. Но нещо не мога да го възприема с този куилтинг, надявам се да не те засегна!:) Май в този случай единствено изцяло stitch in the ditch може да проработи, но това си е само според мен, съвсем не е нужно да сме на едно мнение.

  3. I think quilting, even small pieces, gives depth and texture. This one is lovely. Well done.

    1. Thank you. My nature is against too much quilted pieces even I try to learn more different ways of quilting.