Monday, March 12, 2012

Oh Come Spring, please

I am bored with winter.
So long, so cold, so much snow.
I want to feel sunshine and hear bird's singing.
Sitting in warm room created this spring picture for my Mum.
She told me a week ago she need a hanging for the wall.
I made this one - finished size 12 x 16 in  (30 x 40 cm)

It is easy to make, none of the stripes are equal length.
Cut some blue and some green stripes about 1,5-2 inches.
Arrange them on the table.
 Sew every neighboring blue and green stripe at short side and then all stripes at long side.
The grass and sky are finished.
Now we will make flowers.
Cut some circled 3 inches for Yo-yo, some hexagones - 1 big and 7 smaller. Sew them to make such flowers. Add some buttons.

Place on the finished top and attach blind stitch.
Trim with wavy lines, put batting and back fabric, turn over.

The last work I have to do is quilting. I have an idea for hand stitched flower stalks.
The sky quilting rushed into my head and I made it like whirls.
No obligatory!
Enjoy and have fun!

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