Monday, July 30, 2012

A cup of coffee - free

Good morning!
It is time for the first coffee for the day.
A cup of coffee is now available as a free pattern download on Craftsy!
If you have no Craftsy account, you can find the PDF pattern for a cup of coffee here .
Hot, black and aromatic.
It is part of a Coffee set I had designed last week. The pack is available here.
You can collect all of them in a table topper or wall hanging.

Mill the grounds and make a coffee the way you preffer.
Enjoy the day!


  1. Обожавам я, разкошна е!!! Нямам търпение да направя няколко. Тая колекция така ми легна на сърце, че не мога да опиша... Благодаря ти!

    1. Improve your paper piecing skills. Soon you'll have to use them:)