Thursday, August 6, 2015

Personalized baby bib

The nice hexie letter R I have written about some days ago was the beginning of this little project.
Some months ago my Italian friend Elisa from Dilana&Dilino-Creazioni-Patchwork has a baby.
I want to make a special gift for the baby - little Roberto.
I want to try my new pattern Hexie alphabet and choose to make letter R and apploque on this bib.

I am satisfied with the result.
Especially like the idea for quilting.
Do you remember this game when there are written letters on a sheet and you have to connect them to have a whole word?
I write the letters of the name R-o-b-e-r-t-o using first paper pieced R and FMQ for the next letters.

Then add bias binding and stitched by hand. I had to be very careful at the curves to keep the shape.
My friend Elisa is a perfect quilter,so I have to be precise.

At the end I embroidered the letters with another color to make the name more visible.

I sent the bib and began waiting for the answer.
Do you think Elisa liked it?
The answer came yesterday - lovely picture of Roberto wearing the new bib.
I am happy having such friends.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Here come the Hexie Numbers

Here comes the bride!
Oh, excuse me for the analogy. Here come the Hexie Numbers.
After designing the hexie Alphabet I have to add the numbers.

There is almost a month to beginning of school year. Time is enough to make a beautiful quilt with hexagon letters and numbers.
The project is great for beginners - only 2 of the letters and one number have 2 sections. What does it means -  easy ans fast sewing.

Good luck!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Needle case - an addition

Hallo everyone who like my last paper pieced design - paper pieced Hexie Alphabet and needle book with a letter on the back.

Another way to prepare hexagons for the needlecase is described here.
And bonus addition - you should use this method, too. Thank you Megan from Canoe Ridge Creations for lovely detailed tutorial.
I found them some days ago while looking at Pinterest.

Waiting for your hexie.
Happy sewing!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hexie needle case - so inspiring

Last week I saw a small hexagon needle case shared by my friend Elnora at Instagram.
She make beauties with fabrics. And she is always a supportive helper when I have difficulties with American English.
So, what has happened next. I have to make a present for a friend of mine - Maria, who creates nice bags and cushion covers. And the solution was - to make such hexagon needle case.

 The front and back are paper pieced hexies sewn together by piece of felt.

Each of the covers is made by two hexies prepared with well known  English paper piecing.
Stitched together using blind stitch.

I decided on two colors felt pages - red and gray.

It is cute, isn't it?

If like the idea, the pattern will be available soon.
Happy sewing until then...

Friday, July 24, 2015

Hexie alphabet

What a day I have!

Finally I finished my Hexie Alphabet and made one of the letters for a project that is still secret.
And two hours ago I have red a post of talented Soma from Whims and fancies about her Greek alphabet.

Till now I have designed a funny english alphabet, a picture alphabeth.
I always like different languages and alphabets. I like hexagons and English paper piecing.
So the idea to create a hexie alphabet came some days ago.
The alphabet will be great for different projects - quilt, wall hanging or garland.
You might add a tiny boarder around each letter, stitch by hand or by machine, baste hexagon as EPP hexie an gather with other pieces.

I test letter R with fabrics.

You may ask why R?
 It is for the secret project I mentioned in the beginning.
Come here later to see it.

Till then I wish you Happy sewing!
Don't forget to visit my shop for new patterns.
The hexie alphabet is here at CRAFTSY.  Wait for hexie numbers.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Repair old tablecloth

I haven't been writing posts for nearly one month. It was busy June - worked on some old projects, spent a week in the mountains with a rucksack on my back.
This tablecloth is one I use when going to the mountains.
You know these sweet moments when sit down on the grass and have a rest with snack.

After some months of usage the tablecloth has some spots on it and they remained even after washing up.
So I decided to cut in pieces, remove apart the spotted ones and collect again.
First cut in 6 inches stripes.

Then cut squares.

The pieces without spots are about 50, but I reduce them to 48 - 6 x 8 for new surface.
Stitched them together random order - first gather 6 pieces in one strip, after this stitched together all 8 stripes.

Stitched round the perimeter.
I like the final result and put it in the rucksack waiting for the next trip.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Triangle Log Cabin

Have you ever thought which quilt block  is one of the  is the most popular block - .I guess it is the Log Cabin quilt block.
It has many variations and modern renewals. Sometimes I am looking at them on Pinterest' boards and couldn't resist to pin more and more - so magnificent they are.

I have a dream wandering what will be happen if use triangle shapes instead of rectangle logs.
Waked up and began sketching.
Then gone to my studio and began working.
First prepared triangles  from different printed stripes.

I didn't like the first finished block. It was absolutely mess of prints although all are small flower printed fabrics.

The small pieces won't be different prints.

The last I have sewn was with dotted fabrics.

I think it is the better one.
Alternating solids with prints occurred successful idea.


In the evening  I made many different combination using my EQ7 and like all of them.
As I used an equilateral triangle as a basic shape there are many possibilities for collecting blocks - building hexies, collecting by rows, etc.

 If you preffer to sew rectangle blocks ar have difficulty to attach bias sides of triangles keep reading.

For instance if you add triangles to build a rectangular block, there are such variant for combining them.

Do you like my play?
The patterns are on CRAFTSY and ETSY.

Enjoy and show me what you have created.