Sunday, April 24, 2016

New project - the wedding quilt

One month ago I received a special order to make a wedding quilt for a young couple. They love traveling, colors, vivid life and beauty of the coast, Frida Kahlo. They fell in love with Mexico and gone there for the marriage.
Thinking of most important thing for a family I came to the idea of diamond like a symbol of eternal love - the diamond wedding anniversary.
As I have a domestic machine I decided on quilt as you go method.
I created a design of the top, collect some fabrics - more than 20 - and began piece and stitch.

Day after day I collect all the blocks.

Basting with safety pins is a kids play using a spoon.
Yes, a spoon. This is not a joke.
I have seen somewhere this method and want to share with you. it is absolutely easy to baste the quilt.
Simply put the spoon at the place where the pin has to go out.
The pin slides and the spoon helps to close it easy without hold by hand.
This saves your finger keeping away from the sharp pin.

Try this next time you baste a quilt and you will be charmed.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Last page of the quiet book

Closing last page the kids have to go sleeping.

It is time to remember all of the previous pages.

I collected every two of them and stitch together.
I have added satin ribbons on the first and last pages to keep the book closed .
The first and the last one are binding as a quilt at all three sides except the "back" side.
Others are stitched pillowcase method, turned over and ironed well.

Then cut a rectangle of thick fabric or eco leather and stitch pages one by one.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Next pages - another activity

Come on folks - the next two pages of the quiet book are pretty amazing.
Learning colors, practice grab and tear out activity,  how to press stopper button.

Follow these easy instructions to sew the balloons.
Cut a felt balloon and stitch a square VELCRO tape on it.
Cut a piece of felt the same color. I have an irregular piece, but you should cur a rectangular one.

Place the cord between two felt pieces as shown on the picture keep in mind to align the ends.

 After stitching cut around carefully.

Repeat with other colors.
Make the same balloons with opposite piece of VELCRO tape and applique them on a fabric.
I have added two birds in the sky.

The second ends of the balloons are firmly stitched in the basket.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Attention - Ladybirds crossing!

I was so-o-o-o-o happy when found 4 color ladybirds and flowers and much more happy when seen this fabric.

 Stitch firmly two of the flowers.

 Thread a color cord and knot.

Repeat the same with other two flowers and ladybirds.
This is the final look of the page.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Next page of the quiet book

Some apple on a tree, an apple in the basket.
When an apple become ripe it has to "go" to the basket.
I have appliqued a circle from striped fabric and then cut a strip form white dotted blown fabric.
One end was uneven but I decided not to cut and it looks like the beginning of branches. Then stitched branches by brown thread and voila! perfect tree appeared.
The green felt leaves were put between 2 layers - felt and fabric.

The basket is appliqued like a pocket to collect apples.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

It Can't Rain All The Time

Let me introduced another page from my quiet book - the rain.
A cloud in the sky, a thunderclap that could be pull out.

Grass, a leaf and a ladybird crawling among them.

It can't rain all the time - there is a rainbow in the sky.

Friday, March 18, 2016

The quiet book - page number one

As I mentioned in my previous post I was asked to make a quiet textile book for a grandchild of a friend of mine.
I promised to sew one, but couldn't realized what a journey began.
First three or four hours I started to draw different ideas on a piece of paper.
On the next day I visited some crafty shops to buy beads, wooden flowers, butterflies, ladybirds, ribbons, colorful felts etc.
First of all is the sun. In my mind the sun is associated  with sea.

What are the steps to have this result?
Prepare a rectangle piece of fabric - about 8 x 9 inches. Applique yellow and blue pieces - if you have prints with fishes or sand it would be perfect.
I have striped blue fabric.
First - cut different strings and ribbons yellow color.
Pin them in a circle and stitch firmly.

Then cut a yellow felt circle for the sun.
If you have zig zag scissors use them.

Carefully stitch round the perimeter.

I have a small plastic fish and put it on a wire.
Stitch firmly both ends.

It is almost done.
Add tiny batting and quilt round the sun.
Wait for the next page.
Come here in a couple of days to see more interesting ideas.