Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thanksgiving giveaway

On the eve of Thanksgiving day and looking forward quiet Christmas days

Attention, please!
to ALL quilters
I wart to say you THANKS! 
For supporting me as an indie designer. 
For inspiration you are giving to me every day with your projects made by my patterns.

Today is the start of the RightPatterns' Give-away to celebrate the holidays.
It is running from 18th November to 5 th December 2014 .
The winner will receive my newest pattern Merry Moustache Mug Rug.

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment telling me
What colors is your Christmas?
Bonus entry:  followers , new and old, please leave a second comment.
I will close Giveaway on 5 th December 2014 and will announce the winner (chosen by Random generator) here on my blog and by e-mail no later than 8 th of December.

Good luck!
If you are interested in the pattern, but are not the lucky winner download the pattern from HERE.

Love apple mug rug

I love apple!
The apple as a fruit of the love!
This mug rug is inspired by apple itself.

Some suitable printed fabrics with hearts and flowers were cut and added to a dotted piece.
After some wandering and three hours later the result is here.
The pattern is available on ETSY and CRAFTSY.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Polka dots - new baby quilt

The story began with a kid duvets and set of sheets for a baby. They are so sweet and grandmother-to-be want to have a baby quilt and sleeping bag for her first grandson.
The room is decorated vintage style and she want to surprise her daughter (future mom) with this present.
Here are the sheets.

And the pillow cases.

The quilt has to be the same style and colors.
I decided Polka dots similar colors will be perfect addition to the set.
The cubes I have designed earlier will fit in the center of the quilt.
New version of the cubes is available here.
Immediately began drawing and calculated the fabrics.

First I have paper pieced the cubes and gathered them.
I decided applique on a rectangle and make a frame with squares.
Folded the cube's edges by iron without removing paper, then torn off and appliqued.

Next step was to cut squares. If you have jelly rolls by hand they are perfect stash for this quilt.
The small squares are 2.5". The stripes are 2.5", too.
The big squares are 4.5".

I have ordered 4 of the squares on the table and have sewn them together.

I have gather squares randomly keep in mind to put "the warm" colors next to "the cold" ones.

Order all the finished 4.5" squares in 2 rows to create frame.


 Then stitched to the center rectangle with appliqued cubes, quilted by hand and bound.
Here is the finished quilt.

I have made a sleeping bag in addition.

And small pieces which has left place on a cardboard to make a card.

Dear Victor, welcome to this world!
Wish you the most beautiful life full with surprises and miracles!.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Bavarian style cushion - made by order

So what should you make if you have such complicated order.
I was asked to sew a cushion cover Bavarian style, traditional German look for a 60 years jubilee.
I had idea to make something like houses with beams. Do you remember the houses in Germany?

Then wanted to make a cushion like a house,...
Then have seen a linen shirt with embroidery and gorgeous buttons on the front.
A brilliant idea crossed my mind.
Cut rectangle, different strips, attached on a piece of batting. Voila...

 What about the back? Do you wander how I have used the buttons?

So did I the cushion.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Memory quilt warms the heart

What days were passed away!

I have finished the memory quilt for my Mum jubilee.
Last two weeks my thoughts and actions from morning till evening were dedicated to making a present.
I decided making such quilt in July when cleaned a wardrobe full of old clothes - a skirts given her as a wedding gift , some blouses and jackets, a dress, a costume I have sewn for her for my brothers' wedding.

I have seen many memory quilts and waiting for an ocassion to make one.
Especially like Sherri Lynn Wood from Daintytime.
It is great pleasure to do improvisational quilts so the fun began.
I put my mum's favorite music in the player and keeping her in mind began cutting and sewing.
I remember many days spent together, lessons I have learned, my childhood.
Here is what has happened.

The very first block was made from her favorite blouse.
Embroidered flowers surrounded by tiny pieces from other blouses.

Next one was first my patchwork block I have ever made - Marple leaf.
This time made using rotary cutter, ruller and mat. How easy is to make it now instead of using scissors.

And cute accent with buttons and yo-yo. One of the button is from my fathers jacket :)

Mum like yo-yo so much a year ago and I taught her to make them.  She decorated some cushion covers.

Mum loves gardening. She adores flowers and trees so many blocks were quilted such FMQ.


For the back I collected a wedding gift dated more then 50 years ago.
The time left only 3 small holes so I repaired them quick by small applications.

And of course added a pieced heart with embroidered date of the birthday.

Sweet dreams under this quilt dear Mum.
I am sure the memories and our love will warm you.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Long vacation

I know it seems I have a long vacation.
I wish it was a truth.
The reality is different.
I have spent four days at seaside and two days in the mountain.
Other days were full of patchwork and quilting.
I have participate in an exhibition contest in my country.
The theme was "Gardens of flowers".
My work was specially designed for this event.
When the theme was announced I intend to make a Zen garden - Japanese rock garden.
Thinking about composition and reading some Haiku poems I have changed the idea.
Do you know this Japanese poetry?
I have found a very impressive Haiku verse and was inspired by it.

"The heavens
are lonely.
Blossoming irises."

It was written by Murio Suzuki in 1919.
The book is called Flowers in the wind, 100 modern Japanese Haiku poets.
It was obviously I must create a quilt.

Here it is.

It measures 43 x 35 cm.
Look at the detailed picture.

I like the iris folding and these triangle wonky "log cabin"s turned out great.
I am satisfied with the result.
Especially when opened the picture taken at the very first beginning.

Definitely this won't be the last quilt inspired by Haiku.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Thank you pouch

I discovered ELMER glue.
It works good for me.
And the way it came to me is a little bit funny. A friend of mine living in the USA came back for a month, so I asked her to bring me a bottle to try.
I have received 4 bottles as a birthday gift.
Now she has a birthday. Guess what she received - a thank you pouch.

 The back

Another idea to use letters and hearts - I have paper pieced them and added denim fabric around.