Monday, July 13, 2015

Repair old tablecloth

I haven't been writing posts for nearly one month. It was busy June - worked on some old projects, spent a week in the mountains with a rucksack on my back.
This tablecloth is one I use when going to the mountains.
You know these sweet moments when sit down on the grass and have a rest with snack.

After some months of usage the tablecloth has some spots on it and they remained even after washing up.
So I decided to cut in pieces, remove apart the spotted ones and collect again.
First cut in 6 inches stripes.

Then cut squares.

The pieces without spots are about 50, but I reduce them to 48 - 6 x 8 for new surface.
Stitched them together random order - first gather 6 pieces in one strip, after this stitched together all 8 stripes.

Stitched round the perimeter.
I like the final result and put it in the rucksack waiting for the next trip.

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