Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Red, dark red, violet

My blue green scrap mini patchwork has been laying in front of me more than one month.
I want to make in different colors so collect all the rests in red. They were not so much and I have to cut from entire fabrics. The piece was going to be "too hot " with all these red scraps, so I have added some violet.

I leaved the wavy edges as they are. 
Compare to blue green piece this one has smaller parts.
Like both of them , but honestly said I have sewn the first one much more easy and fast. It was like a game.
Collecting pieces was a fast solved puzzle.

Do you wander what I shall do with them?
Might be make in other colors and collect them in a bigger wall hanging or make separate framed works.
The last one I have framed turned out great.


  1. Like the randomness of the piecing and the colour scheme on this one. Hilary florence