Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Christmas Tree in July coaster - tutorial

I always wander what does it mean Christmas in July. It is too early to begin the preparation for the Christmas in December.
Type on Google search bar and what I have learned. It is so funny.
I have designed a paper pieced tree   for Christmas in July.

You could make many ways with different combination of green printed fabrics, add white lines as snow, add golden fabric as garlands.
You could embroider a star on the  top or hand stitch the garlands.

For the 6 inch coaster (finished size)  you will need:
6,5 inch block ,
6,5 inch backing fabric
6 inch square fusible batting.
First fuse the batting on the wrong side of the backing. Note that you have to iron at the right site.

Lay them right side together and sew round perimeter leaving 2-3 inches opening for turning over.

Clip the corners to prevent bulk.
Now comes a little trick.
Fold and iron well the seam allowances at the opening - the top and the backing.

This will be very helpful after turning over. Look how it loos at the side.

Now turn and iron well. Stitch round perimeter.

Add embellishment and quilting as you desire.


  1. Really sweet tree! I don't really understand the Christmas in July thing either!