Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wonky diamonds tutorial

As I promised in my previous post I took a picture while sewing next color diamonds and made a tutorial.

You will need four different hues of one color - this time it is pink.
So I have chosen light pink, fuchsia, hot pink, tropical pink. The back ground is gray.
Cut a grey square and divide it in four. My square is 7 inches.

Label with a piece of tape and number.
 Cut pink triangle, place it at the corner and stitch.
 Flip and iron well.

 Turn back and trim exceed pink.
 Cut the gray corner at 1/4' seam allowance. I used a scissors and done without a ruler.

 Repeat with other three pieces and order them according numbers.
Sew right side together 1+4 and 2+3, iron the seam allowances in different direction and then stitch together.

You are finished.
Remove the tapes and iron well.

P.S. Today ( 17/06 ) I have found on Pinterest a whole quilt made this way.
Here is the post from Teaginny designs. She named Wonky Kites. How lovely!

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