Friday, June 28, 2013

The white poppy

I have seen it in a field of poppies and took a picture immediately.
So beautiful and so lonely.
Because of its difference.
This happened almost 2 months ago.
Yesterday I remembered this picture when cleaning my hard disk.
I had to make something - mini quilt, wall hanging or mug rug. Let everyone names it as he likes.

I have made some sketches and began applique the poppies.  The background is sky and green field.
Each poppy is made from two hues of one color. Do you remember how looks the petals of the poppies.
They are so tiny even transparent. And when two petals cover each other they look darker.
I had two fabric' choices for the binding - dark blue striped
and light blue striped.
The first one would look like framed.
The second one would be as extension of the picture.
So I have chosen the second.
Chain stitched the handles, add some embroidery for the stamens in the center of the white poppy.

I love the final look. 

 Some people say my mug rugs are like a mini art picture and have to be hang.
What do you think?

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