Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth day - living green

My favourite material for patchwork is recycled fabrics.
This is the basic idea to create a quilt and reuse great fabrics, give them a second life.
My first rag quilt!
A gift for a friend living in a country house.
At the beginning  there were some shirts and pieces of fabrics striped  and checked.
Cut squares, add batting and quilt diagonally. 120 fabric and 60 batting squares .
I became this length finished parts.
Cleaned the floor and began ordering the way I like.
It took me about one hour to find the proper place of each piece.
Numbered each piece and began sewing.
First all the pieces in every row, then neghbouring rows to became an entire quilt.

I like more the back at this step.

Hope after cutting and washing the top will look nice and frayed.
How long it will take me to clip all the seam allowances?

Finally - one more thing.
I found  a great tutorial at Penny's hand blog  how to sharpen the rotary cutter blades.
It is green, too.
Try it! Save your money and the Earth!

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