Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year - new machine

As I mentioned in previous post - last for the 2011 - I win a new sewing machine in a competition mini Eco patchwork.
This is Bernette 25. Welcome to my home!

I had learned the manual carefully and began sewing.
Of course the first creation was a heart. Color, vivid and small paper pieced heart.

It will be a part of a project called LOVE. It has different hearts - Yo-yo, stripped, wonky, crazy, french braid, broken heart, patched heart and double hearts.
Love has different faces.
I was inspired by bubble gums from my childhood. They had different tatoo pictures inside beginning with the words LOVE IS... Do you remember them?

Later I understood that Love is... is the name of a comic strip created by New Zealand cartoonist Kim Casali in the late 1960s.
I will share with you next time when complete the whole wall hanging.

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  1. Честито Руми! Пак! Да я ползваш дълго!