Monday, January 16, 2012

Cushion with a handle

Do you remember old suitcases?

I like vintage looking things, so inspired by a picture of a suitcase made a useful cushion with handle.
Do you like it, don't you?
Here is a tutorial.
You need an old sweater cleaned at non proper temperature shown at the label. In fact you like it but it is pure wool and  higher temperature and cycling turned it to felt. Now the pullover is small to be worn, but great material for this craft project.
Choose a zipper and piece of real felt another color.
Cut two rectangles from the front and back of the sweater.
In my case they are 17 in x 15 in.(43x38 cm) 
Cut 2 circles diameter 5in (13im) from felt. Divide them in four so you will have 8 sectors, like cake slices. Round the corners of each slice and place in each corner of the rectangles this way and pin. The distance to the edge is 0,5 in (1cm)
Stitch near the edge of the felt piece.
From the rests of sweater cut a handle.
I made it double to be more thick and handy to carry. Fold and stitch zig-zag to prevent breaking the thread.
Attach to the longer side of one part and stitch the zipper this way.
Cut a circle from felt - diameter should be equal the width of the zipper, divide in half and stitch at the end and beginning the zipper. This will hide the ends and make opening easier.
Open the zipper and cut with scissors to make an opening.
Then sew both rectangles right side together.
DON'T forget to leave zipper open to turn back the cushion!
The places where the handle is attached are too thick for the machine so I stitched by hand.
Turn over and you are ready.
The back side of the cushion.
Now you can carry the cushion where you want to have a rest!


  1. Your site has a page about a cushion with a handle; is it for sale?

  2. I use this one. If you like I can make similar specially for you. What colors do you prefer? I will look for a sweater. Write me a mail to discuss details.