Thursday, January 12, 2012

Love is...

The idea to show different faces of love became a reality.
Nice wall hanging with hearts and the word LOVE at the bottom.

There are different hearts - Yo-yo, stripped, wonky, crazy, french braid, broken heart, patched heart and double hearts.
Put the hearts in attic window pattern seem like they are in a box - I want to store them in a safety place.
I designed the patterns and had so much fun to make a wall hanging.

Love has different faces. Sometimes it hurts, but always it is a great feeling.
At the beginning it is like an embryo, so shy and small.This is the yo-yo heart.
Then began walking on straight roads, sometimes winding, sometimes it is crazy.
Sometimes Love is colorful and vivid and so tidy that all happiness of the world is only for you.
And suddenly comes first lie, scandals and broken heart.
"Patch" the wound and you are ready to looking for the next true love.
When you find it both hearts beat together. Till the end of time.

The Saint Valentine is here next month. You can buy the paper pieced pattern here.

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