Thursday, August 23, 2018

Improvisational piecing - tutorial

I always love improvisational piecing.
All those tiny pieces collected in a whole block.
Sometimes it is very relaxing to stitch them together without expecting any shape.

This time I decided to stitch together big pieces, then cut them and stitch again.
First attempt is with two fabrics.

Next was with three fabrics.

I have done more cuts and restitches.

Then decided to take picture of the process.

 The beginning

 First cut

Move and restitch 

Measure the height and cut a square

Looking for the best place 

 Next cut

Move and restitch

At this stage you can play with the place of the piece you have cut.
Try different moves and rotations.

When satisfied with the result you are finished.


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  2. Интригуващи възможности , в множество идеи :) !Поздрави и благодаря, за споделянето!