Monday, July 2, 2018

The Gravatar passion continues

One month!
I can not believe it has gone one month without posting here.
Uploading picture on Flickr seems to be an action from last century.
Instagram with device in a palm and fast comments pushed himself to the most usable media.
Anyway I will try to post once a month or often.

The gravatar passion continues. I have designed all the seasons and make them in a wall hanging.
Not finished yet but waiting for binding :)
After Summer gravatar I make the Spring.

Easy to sew you can make it different sizes.

Here comes the Autumn.

 The more complicated pieces are the central ones. The easiest way to stitch them is freezer paper.
Fast and accurate method when needed to sew many simple and repeated blocks.

I used hand dyed fabrics to sew all the gravatars.

Finished wall hanging will be in next post with the pattern of winter.

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