Sunday, February 16, 2014

Owls, Owl, Owls

It was November 2013 when I received a mail from Sharon who had purchased my Owl paper pieced blocks Andy Warhol pattern.
 She asked me to help her to enlarge blocks at 200% . She wrote:
"I am making this quilt for a charity auction and I can’t wait to start!!! "

I am always happy to help my customer if they need a support with printing or something with sewing.
Yesterday I received a picture with the finished quilt.

Sharon surprised me with interesting idea when making eyes.
She fused black patches on the white trapezia. She wandered what shape to use.
She started with buttons and then went to triangles, squares and then finally chosen diamonds.

I think the last is the perfect choice.
Look how many different characters she has created.
The upper row (left to right)
horizontal eyes - strong
diagonal eyes - sad and old
vertical eyes - surprised
diagonal eyes - sly (foxes usually are drawn such way)

If you are interested in owls I have some others variants
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