Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Meow, March is comming

The first Spring month is right around the corner.
Flowers and trees are  blossoming, birds are singing.
The sun is shining at the blue sky. I like this picture.
And cats are doing crazy.
I was inspired to design this mug rug.

The cats have been staring at the fishes so long that their eyes became a fish shape.
I decide to applique by hand with pearl cotton thread.
It is time to share with you a little secret I use when applique the sharp corners.

Sewing on the way to corner make the last stitch on this direction.
Then pin in the same place and then precisely at the corner.

Pin again at corner outside the thread loop to fix it.

Look at the result. You should have this.

Pin from back side inside the last loop.

 Pin for third time in the same hole (place) an then go ahead.

Continue usual way.

This manner will give you perfect look at sharp corners - like ears for instance.

Sorry, I forgotten to took picture when was at this place :)
I want to make a tutorial and show you my way of corner stitching.

The pattern is available on CRAFTSY and ETSY as usual.

There are second variant for the cats. Leave the eyes without french knots and they look like sunglasses.

Happy sewing!

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