Friday, August 10, 2012

The circus is here!

Do you remember the childhood when circus was in the town?
We have eaten sugar floss and candy canes asking for more and more.
Unforgettable happy moments.
Here he is - The clown! A smiling, but sad person.
Do you hear the ringing bells on his hat?
This pattern is available in my Craftsy shop.


  1. Rumi, Your work is beautiful. The linen piece is truly lovely. I enjoyed meeting you yesterday and hope we will continue to communicate about quilting. I will buy your alphabet patterns, but I have a question: Why not a Cyrillic alphabet? That would be super. Best to you and many hours of happy sewing and quilting. Best, kjw

    1. A huge Thank you!
      For the meeting and for the lovely words.
      What a great idea for the Cyrillic alphabet.
      I thought it is rare and not marketable.
      You encouraged me and pushing me on action.