Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Navy flags for decoration

My bathroom is sea styled so I decide to add more sea elements except traditional shells, boats, ropes, fishes etc.
Having good sewing skills there is no doubt what I have thought out.
Flags! That is the idea. Every ship puts flags when travel and when come into the harbour.

The color of course was chosen not real, they had to match my bathroom' design. White, orange and blue.
I drew some variation, decide what the size should be and began.

First I cut two pieces an sew right side together.

Folded in half and stitched according to the paper pattern leaving a half inch tunnel up for a string.
I used invisible thread, because couldn't decide which color is better  - white, orange or blue:)
Trimmed a quarter inch from the stitch and the first flag is ready.
 Then sew others the same way. The front sides are different patterns, the back sides are plain fabric.
At the end stringed together all flags and hang on my blue painted wall. Here there are.


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