Monday, November 8, 2010

Puzzle quilt for parents and children to learn together

Yesterday  I was on a newborn baby's party. A special quilt and cube created by me have new owner.
This is three layers quilt - in fact a game for parent and child.
She or he can learn:
* to open the lids of picture
* to search picture that corresponding to the word you say when all the lids are open
* to search for the place of a picture when all the lids are closed – this improves camera eye
* to recognize different animals and colors
* to look for two identical pictures – there are two chicken and two cats
* to learn the numbers – even are on green blocks, odd are on brown ones
Or simply laying or sitting on it.
I have created it some months ago.
But this baby is a grandchild of one of my friends, so I decide to make a gift.

Hope the mother and baby enjoy playing together.

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