Sunday, May 23, 2021

Manx quilting block

Some years ago I spent almost 6 months for learning different patchwork and quilting techniques, different blocks and patterns. I have not tried all of them but those ones I was interested in I have tried.

Yesterday a quilt friend shared a very old technique and I realized I have not seen it before.

This is a Manx quilting block.

It is very easy, hand sewn  method that don,t need perfect measures.

I was challenged to make it by machine.

I decided to finish as a coaster because no idea what to do with a whole quilt the same technique. For now:)

Here is a short tutorial how to make the binding.

Do not place the last "logs". Instead of this use the backing for binding.

Double fold the sides by iron.

Double fold the corner.

Repeat with  all corners. Begin stitching from the middle of the side.

When reach the corner pivot with needle down.

Then turn back as close to the fold as you can.

At the next corner I made a back stitch in the inner corner. Hope it will lay more neatly.

The back 

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