Wednesday, December 9, 2020

A new look of EPP Moravian Star

 A friend of mine has shown me a beautiful star. This was first time I have heard about the Moravian star.

 It was EPP and seemed not so hard to make. I have GOOGLEd different images and realized that among big variety there is not a star with one colored points.

So I made a scheme with 20 different colors. You can download and print from HERE .

I have selected 20 Christmas fabrics, cut 60 cardboard templates and prepared the diamonds with glue- 3 of each fabric print. On the back side ( on the cardboard) I have placed a color sign that reminds me of the position in the star.


Then ordered the first side star and stitch all the diamonds right sides together.

 Keep in mind it the finished side star is not flat.

Gathering two side stars -  place the stars wrong sides together and stitch. After finishing the Moravian star the Moravian Star you have to leave the cardboards inside.

Repeat the same way to make one side star surrounded by 5 side stars - on the scheme I have circled with pencil. This is the first part of the Moravian star.

On the points where are gather three diamonds from one and the same fabric you have to fold the corners at 60 degrees - see the next picture.

Make the second part of the star - similar like the first one. 

Carefully gather keep in mind to align  the same fabrics at the points.

Choose one point to put a hanging cord.


Merry Christmas!

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