Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Personalized heart

The New Year arrived with many expectations.
The great news here: I am totally recovered from shoulder pain. I promise never stop making exercises and take a rest every hour when sewing or sitting in front of computer.
By the way if somebody has such problem don't hesitate to write me for support. I have collected many useful videos with exercises which are helpful.

So the new pattern arrived right for Valentine's day.
If you like to make happy your beloved one make a cushion with a heart personalized by his letter.

The pattern is designed with letter A and you can download.
Need another letter?
Simply add a message after purchase and I will send manually.

What about making a bunting flags with the letters of whole name?
Do you know that one of most popular names in USA is Ava?

You can put inside any letter from the funny alphabet.

The heart is made as a frame and it is easy to put inside any picture if you don't want to add a letter.

Enjoy sewing!

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