Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Improvisation and QAYG for a big quilt

First quilt for the 2019 is finished. I am absolutely satisfied with the result.

Improvisational piecing within the blocks and strip sashing between the blocks.
I have seen this method some years ago here. I liked it so much and promised to myself to use it one day.
The most beloved thing is that the back side is absolutely different and can be used sometimes too.

I used fabrics from man shirts for the top and fabrics for man trousers :) for the back. I was given many fabrics, bought years ago and want to use them as the main idea of the patchwork is to utilize different materials.

Here is one of the blocks.
First of all I stitched the batting and backing with 4-5 straight lines to hold them together. Then began from the centre like Log Cabin and added different colors and sizes. In fact I have added what I had by hand. At the end trimmed the block to desired size.
Prepared 6 blocks this way.

Then had to stitch together two blocks.
I have Bernina with zig zag stitch, bu at this time I have by hand my Janome 1600P only. It has straight stitch only, so decided to try connecting two blocks with FMQ.
It works!!!! Not perfect stitch but the stripes cover and hide all the stitches.

The edge of the block push other and there was no problem that they were separated.

The look from the back.

I cut 1,5 inches stripes for the back and 2 inches for the front.
First added on the back then on the front.


Definitely this was the fastest sewn quilt ever.

Excuse me for some "night" pictures, but I was in a hurry to see the final result.

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