Thursday, March 30, 2017

Learn letters while playing

Sometimes I wander about so many ideas flying in my head.
Do you remember my alphabet  hexagons  ?
What will happens if make a ball from all hexagons letter?
I needed to find a ball and write down the letters.
Probably there is a diagram in internet?
With this thoughts I have waken up one morning.
3 days later I have in my hand this funny ball.

Realizing that there is 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons in the ball I have to change 6 letters into pentagons.
As the 26 letters of the alphabet are not enough for the 32 ball’s pieces
I have added @ and # as very common symbols.
Nowadays they are used more often than letters.
The heart as a sign of love is important, too.
Each shape has 1 inch side.

 Outside and inside before filling the ball.
 The ball is around 5 inches diameter easy to catch by hand.

This is funny stuffed toy to play and learn letters with your kids.

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