Monday, November 28, 2016

My last baby quilt - fast design and speed sewing

I have to make a baby quilt only for one day from the fabrics I have.
It seemed difficult to me - I like slow designing and sewing with touch of perfection.
This time there was no place for dreams and I had to sew fast.
It has to be 25 x 35 inches, so I realized I need 9 paper sheet A4 size.

I found a fabric with a boy and girl printed on it. It was a small piece - only 10 inches strip.
Trim around a girl and a boy and add some stripes from my leftovers.
It is easy to make with help from a sheet of paper.
Place the piece and pin.

Align a strip on the left right side together. Stitch.

Open and iron.

Repeat with next long side (the right one).
Pin both stripes and place a new strip on the bottom.

Then repeat with the top. As you see I trim the exceed fabrics after stitching.
I use scissors - no measure of 1/4 inch seam allowances.

Here is is.

On the back.

Now make the final trimming at 1/4 inch.
Easy and fast block - it take 10-15 minutes.

I made the other with a girl the same way.

Next blocks should be Stack&Whack wonky blocks from 3 pieces.
Place three rectangles of fabric and make two cuts.through all three layers.

Combine the three pieces of each layer and stitch together.

 Don't worry of uneven pieces - trim to desired size - now it was 9x6 inches.

 Repeat with other two blocks.

Here is a detail

"Let it sunshine..."
What a nice title of this quilt!

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