Friday, December 18, 2015

Upcycled Denim Apron

I have had interests in recycling for years.
I collect interesting velvet shirts, bandanas, satin pieces, taffeta, silk and organza.
My friends know about my passion ad help me in my efforts.
Sometimes I have no idea about future usage of any piece I receive, but collect them accurately.
This habit pays me back when need an interesting accent for my new creation.
I like making contemporary quilts, so having various pieces never is enough.

Denim scraps are always a good decision for making different gadgets, so I have started a special board named DENIM on my Pinterest account.

Last my idea is to make an apron from old denim.

Rip the side seams and stitch together the trousers' legs to receive a rectangle about 32 x 23 inches.
Draw a pattern on the "new fabric".
Here are the measures.

If you have zig zag scissors use it.
I like rough edges so decided on using a method like rag quilt. Sew a stitch about a presser foot from the edge an clip every quarter inch.

For the neckstrap cut 25 inches long from waistband stitch firmly.
I have added buttons.

Do you wander about pocket?
Cut one of the back pocket and applique.


If the fabric is worn out somewhere add some darning with stitching or adding a patch.


The back of the apron


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