Monday, November 23, 2015

Oh My Deer or sewing small squares

 I always like sewing little items.
Do you know these tiny pieces - sometimes sewn improvisational sometimes ordered with perfect matching corners.
Till one morning a week ago.
I have seen a tapestry diagram on Pinterest with reindeers, trees and snowflakes.
I knew I had to make it as a quilt - this time mug rug only.
I made a sketch of squares and began cutting.
Ordered the small pieces on a fusible interfacing with little help of glue stick.

Ironed when finished and began sewing.

  Here I realized how small is one inch square.

 But I kept sewing.

I wish I knew another way for using a fusible interfacing.
Elizabeth Hartmann from Oh Franson shared an interesting and helpful method.

I wandered a little bit about binding, but finally have a finished mug rug

The diagram is very versatile - use different size of grid to sew mug rug, cushion case or tablemat.

Enjoy your creativity!

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