Monday, March 9, 2015

Be an applique magician - tutorial

Do you wander how quilters make perfect appliqued shapes?
Are you dreaming about beautiful zig zag stitches around every detail?
Then this post is for you.

The secrets of good looking applique stitches are several.

1. The foundation fabric should be stabilized.
Use paper stabilizer of fusible non-woven interfacing.

2.Set your machine at medium to lower speed.
This allow you to control the up-down movement of the needle when you reach the place where have to change sewing direction.

3. Set the stitch length to 1.0 and stitch width to 2.0 and test how it looks. Usually this works.

4. Use an applique foot
It gives you bigger field of vision.

5. Begin stitching. At the end of the edge at * put the needle in the background fabric, lift the presser foot and pivot.

6. Always pivot at *. (see the ways for outer and inner corners)

7.Proceed the same manner.

8. When stitch the curve select low speed and pivot inside the curve.

9. When reach the beginning stop at the same point, pull the threads at the back side and make a knot.

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