Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Happy New Year!
I wish you 365 days full of creative ideas and joy!

I received an question from a reader about this post, so I want to explain a little bit detailed here.
It is a geometry question, but I am glad to help Suzy and everyone who need additional explanations.

The question is  - Why I cut off the centre?

When I collect strips different width at the end I have a rectangle, not perfect square. So I have to cut off centre. See the diagram I have attached.

Why I use rectangles?
If I trim to square the last strip could be too narrow so I prefer to leave it as it is. After cut diagonally and rejoin I could trim to desired shape I need.
Usually I use the block as they are and if needed add strips to adjust the size.
Hope now it is more clear.

Good luck to everyone who want give a try.

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