Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Christmas swap

It is always amazing to receive  gifts.
And taking part in a swap is much more funny.
It was a challenge to be a part of Christmas swap .
I am well known with my love for making small things - mini wall hangings, mini art quilt, etc.
Now I wanted to make something more casual and I decided to sew a needlecase.
Everyday usage is a good way to remember the person who made it.

P.S. Some tips for my followers.

As you have seen the lining is made from two different colored fabrics.
If you use one fabric, get two pieces sewn together in the middle.
Note that you must have an opening in the center for turning over. (see last picture for details)

Place the prepared top right side up.

Place the lining right side down and stitch together round WHOLE perimeter.
This trick will guarantee you a perfect look.

Clip the edges to reduce bulk, turn right side out and iron well.
Close the opening using blind stitch.
Stitching felt in the middle will cover your possible mistakes.

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