Tuesday, July 22, 2014

College days Blog Hop

The day has came. It is my turn.
I was very excited when Soma from Whims and fancies invited me to participate in this blog hop.
This was a sign that someone has noticed my work and like it.

At the beginning I have no idea what to make - we have freedom for any quilting technique we decide.
The idea came one night when sitting in front of my notebook and reading some posts on my favorite blogs.
My old desk lamp (from my students' years) had lightening a spot on the desk.
I remembered the time when had red books and learned formulas.
This should be the block - "Old time learning".

It was born too fast and on the next day I tested it with fabrics.
"Liberty" fabrics for the lamp, printed newsletter in red and black from my dear friend Elnora, green yellow purple from my stash.
Here it is.

The block is 10 x 10 inches finished size. You can download the pattern from CRAFTSY for FREE!
It will remain free from July through September 2014.

I love to see finished blocks made with my patterns! You could upload picture of blocks at my Flickr group.
Or you can share your picture in the Flickr group for the blog hop!

Thank you, Soma, for joining me in College Days Blog Hop!
It was such a fun!
Happy sewing!


  1. Love, love, this block. The only thing missing is my perpetual coffee mug, but Soma gave me that already LOL. Great block and so true for college days! Thank you!

  2. I love this block. I was one of those who always stayed up with my studies and yet pulled "all nighters" before big exams. I just had to know that I had done all that I could to prepare. Learning came easy for my two brothers and I had to be sure I knew the material - just difference in personalities and learning styles. I bet this block resonates with many, many, many of the blog followers. Thanks for a great block. Now I just need to find a cute print. Maybe I can find some small numbers since I was a math major.

    1. Good memories are the only paradise which we couldn't evicted from. I sure you will find cute print for the pages :)

  3. This is a such a beautiful design! Thank you so much, Rumi!!


    1. A huge thank to you, too! All is brilliant - idea, managing, sweet reminders and post!! Sure there will be many new friendships.

  4. I love your block. Now I'm reading blogs into the small hours :)