Friday, June 27, 2014

Scrap cushion cover - tutorial

I have received enormous quantity of precut pieces 2 x 4 inches and began thinking of proper usage.
Here are few of them.

I began sewing them in strips, then gather by rows till have one yard square. Being not satisfied look at my favorite magazines for inspiration.
I really like Patchwork Professional and have a look from time to time for some ideas.
This time I like too much the technique, present by Margit Amann von Glembotzki.
I wanted to test it making a smal project and decided to sew a cushion cover. It is only 16 inches square, so the fun began.

The brilliant idea is to use striped fabric as a foundation - drawing lines on a solid sounds not a good idea that day.

Making the front

Cut a 17 inches square, sort the pieces (2 x 4 inches) and start sewing.
My pieces are zig zag edges, but it is not a must.
Use your rotary cuter with straight blade if you haven't wavy or pinking ones.

The technique is similar to ruffle quilt, but not absolutely the same.
Each row consists of 4 strips from two alternate colors pattern. Place them on the line and sew.

Next row is in chess-board order with two others fabrics. Cut in half one piece and place at the raw's beginning.

So you can see the columns which the pieces form.
It is a kind of illusion.

Making the back
Cut 2 rectangles 13 x 16.5 inches for the back. Make a half inch hem on the longer side of any of them.

Overlap to have a square 16.5 inches and pin.
Place them as shown right side up.

Place on them the prepared front piece wrong side up and stitch round perimeter.
Turn over the pillow case.
Wash and ruffle by hand when wet and let dry.

P.S. Now finished pillow case is at my cousin shop for sale.

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