Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memory bag for graduation

In my country all students celebrate on 24 of May .
It is very special day for those who finish the school. Every year many young boys and girls celebrate their graduation.
A daughter of a friend of mine invited me to her graduation party. I wanted to make her day special and remarkable. Decided to sew a memory tote from her loved children clothes.
Her father gave me some blouses, jeans skirt and a top she loved too much.
I have wandered about the size, but finally I made it to fit a notebook - she is going to be a student and this size is more useful.

The back - I have collected some strips from the blouses and denim background.
The idea is that each family member - father, mother and daughter has a triangle shape which meet together.

Inside I set a zipper pocket.
The lining is a new fabric matching to the tote.

After finishing bag I have some pieces left so made this pouch for the mother - the same triangle as the back of the bag, the same lining, too.

This is a glass case for the father - the triangle and lining are the same colors, too.

The presents were finished on time and hope will keep sweet memories.

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