Sunday, August 4, 2013

Le cheval rouge - The red horse art quilt

Some years ago I have visited n exhibition of student graduated the National art school. And I was impressed by a poster with the poem of Jacques Prevert. I have learned it by heart.

In the carousels of the lie
The red horse of your smile
And I am standing frozen there
With the sad whip of reality
And I have nothing to say
Your smile is as true
As my four truths.

As I have more self-reliance in my patchwork and quilt skills I decided to create this quilt.

I have no doubt about quilting. Straight lines for the spotlights and background.
Do you know how to make a move with the horse when playing chess?
This was decision for quilting the carousel (manege) .

Instead of simple label on the back I put printed text of the poem in three languages.

P.S. The size is 18 x 22 inches.