Monday, February 4, 2013

Mug rugs different quilting techniques

One day I am wandering if any quilting technique can be used in making mug rugs.
Decide to try this one and liked the result.

Easy and fun project.
I have added detailed instructions and tips in the pattern. You can found it HERE.
There is a diagram showing how to zig zag without interrupt the stitching line.
I used solids which looks like a painting palette.
You can purchase from my SHOP.

I continue playing with mug rugs.
What would be happen if I make a mug rug as rag quilt?
Am I crazy or not?
Cut 8 squares 4,5 inches from recycled jeans and 8 squares 4,5 inches from different scraps that could be fray easy.

Place each color square on the denim one and chain stitching from corner to corner.

Then sew them together 4 columns by 2 rows with 3/4 inches seam allowances.
Stitch around the perimeter 3/4 inches from the edges.

Clip all along the exposed seam allowances, making cuts perpendicular to the seam and
spacing them about 1/4-inch apart.
Clip the corner as shown - I discover this gives great look after fraying.

Brush well and wash with cold water.
I was unpatient so do this by hand.

I like the final look. I have put a yellow thread in my bobbin so the back is charming, too.

Can't wait drinking coffee or tea.

I have to put my cup onto a square. Otherwise the mug will turn over :))))

Anyway I like the look of rag denim, so next time I made the mug rug from two squares only.
6 Inches with 1/2 inches seam allowances will be enough.
I would have a half mug rug for my mug and a half mug rug for my cookie.

What a funny Sunday I have!


  1. Wow both rugs look great.
    Cheers Pauline

    1. Thanks Pauline! I always look for unusual recycling.