Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Seminole border tutorial

Two years earlier I found seminole quilt borders and was amazed how easy it happens.
A boarder that seems very complicated is easy to sew following some simple steps.

1. Cut 3 strips and sew them together.
2. Cut equal pieces along the strips.
3. Turn each even piece.
4. Sew together and trim.

In my case I cut three strips:
1,5 " blue printed strip (it was 1" printed strip on the fabric)
3/4" dark red strip
2 " white strip

Sew them together to have such long strip.
Cut 1,5 " pieces along the whole strip, turn and stitch.

Don't worry  you have to trim. 

In my case I want to sew table napkins, so add a 2" strip on the left and 11,5" square on the right.
Right side together sew with the backing fabric leaving 4" opening for turning over.
After turning over iron well.
Stitch along the boarder and the edges.
You are ready for serving!

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