Sunday, December 16, 2012

Highway table runner tutorial

Do you remember the billboard mug rugs from yesterday?
Where are they standing? Along the highways and roads. Correct!
The second part of my project is to sew a table runner matching highway.

Do you like it?

Then read the instructions.
You will need
grey fabric - 26" x 15"
white fabric - 10"x 5"
green printed fabric - 26" x 2"
for binding -  26"x 6"
batting - 26"x 15"
back fabric - 26"x 15"

First we have to sew the broken line between roadways.
Cut stripes 1,5" wide and 10" long from white and grey fabric (3 stripes from each).
Sew them along this way.
Cut 1,5" stripes and sew together to make two long stripes (around 25") with grey pieces at the beginning and at the end..
From grey fabric cut 4 stripes 3" wide  26" long.
Sew two of them to each side of the broken line.
Repeat once more with the other broken line.
From green printed fabric cut a stripe 2" wide  26" long. This would be the grass between roads.
Stitch together add batting. Quilt and binding.

For quilting I have chosen straight stitching like a  tyre's trail.
I recommend using the walking foot.
I have stitched first lines with ordinary foot, but the top fabric became a little wavy - look at the upper seam.
The fabric for the binding is so interesting. It makes the hard shoulders.
It looks as it is bias, but this is only a bias print. I have cut t selvage to selvage.

The whole project with the runner and coasters.
 Bored with road and billboards? Simply turn them back.

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