Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Give away

to ALL quilters
Today is the start of the RightPatterns' Give-away to celebrate the Christmas .
It is running from 24th November to 24th December 2012 .
During this time the RightPatterns is giving away one pattern free to accompany every 25th pattern purchased from the RightPatterns' shop.

I have over 70 patterns different prices, so you could receive an expensive pattern buying one at regular price of 2,50 USD for instance.
The Giveaway will end on 24-th December at  24 .00 GMT.

Let me know  in the Paypal message box when paying for your purchase, which pattern you would like to receive free if you are one of the lucky ones. 
Winners will receive their free pattern within 24 hours of purchase.
I will use the stats of your wishes to understand what do you prefer if the price is of no importance.

********* Happy Christmas time! *********

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