Tuesday, September 18, 2012


After finishing my first rag quilt I received many orders from friends to make similar rag quilts for them. All like the quilt. I told them it is not something special - just many hours collecting fabrics, cutting squares, sewing, clipping the seam allowances and fraying.
This time I used a tiny fusible polyester batting. I recommend it to you if decide to make a rag quilt. Sewing is much easier.
And one more thing I made. I used a paper tape when quilting diagonals instead of drawing a line with a pencil.I think it is very helpful because the tape prevent stretching the top fabric when stitch diagonally.

My table is small to order all the pieces, so I used a floor.

The final result.

 And the back
I appliqued a little heart instead of label.


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