Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring and Summer

This weekend looking at some patchwork Magazines, I found a workshop I wanted to try.
Ineke van Unen - have you heard this name?
I was totally inspired. I need to create a wall hanging in yellow orange colours, but inserted some green and blue as a reminder for Spring.

 The result looks not bad.
First I made the piece with pleats. Some blue for sky, some green for grass.
Then combined some bright yellow, yellow, orange, deep orange. Simply cut in various shapes and sew.
 And all the time thought how shall I quilt it.
I have a little problem with my free motion foot, so I have to use it  very rarely until I buy a new one. I had to sew with walking foot.
The finished work after one hour quilting.
What about back? It is very funny fabric, too.
Ready for hanging.
Oh, I added a label, but I forgotten to take a picture. 
nyway it is written in Bulgarian.

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