Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29 of February - one and only for next 4 years

What a great date - 29 February!
Only 4 Million people in the world have a birthday today.Are they happy people?
Are the unique? And different?
Today I want to share with you a special project.
The idea was born when I met a special woman. She was not born on 29.02. but she is  very special, very positive so deserve to be mentioned today.
She collect keys. I have passion for fabrics.
Do you guess what I made?
You need:
 a piece of wire, some rests of fabrics 1 inch width and double sided tape.
Wave the wire in a shape like key.
Sew together all the stripes in a long band.
 Add a small piece of tape at the beginning.
 And start to wrap stripe round the key.

When finished add a piece of tape to secure the end of fabric and stick.


  1. Your fabric key is really very nice...great colors

    1. Thanks, the mentioned lady adores such colors. So I have no doubt when choosing them :)

  2. Страхотен ключ, наистина ;)

    1. И вълшебен. Може да отключва всичко!